Arcqua bath bag

The handy tool for moving Arcqua and Crosstone by Arcqua baths.

The Arcqua bath bag is a useful tool for anyone who owns a beautiful Arcqua bath. Carrying these baths can sometimes be a challenge, because of the shape they haven't got much grip and often the bath needs to be transported to a higher floor. The Arcqua bath bag offers a solution to this problem.

The bath bag is equipped with loops from which the bag can be lifted, offering grip which makes carrying the bath much easier. Additionally, the bag offers protection against bumps, ensuring that the bath can be safely transported. It also protects stairs and walls from potential damage during transport.

With the Arcqua bath bag, transporting and placing the baths has become much easier. Whether you need to move the bath to a different room or lift it to a higher floor, the bag provides the support you need to make the process smooth.

In short, the Arcqua bath bag is a handy tool for anyone who owns or considers buying a beautiful Arcqua bath. It makes carrying and transporting the bath much easier while also offering protection against bumps and damage. If you're looking for a way to simplify the installation process of your bath, then the Arcqua bath bag is definitely worth considering.


  • Handy tool
  • Lifting, carrying and protecting your bath
  • Strong material
  • 4 loops
  • 190*90 cm




    ZAK474547    Bath bag Arcqua

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